Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wait, How Many Toes?!

In my SEDU 183 class, my instructor was attempting to learn all of our names before we left class. To help him, he asked us to say something interesting about ourselves when he called our names. When he called my name I said, "This isn't really about me, but my dad has six toes on each foot." My teacher replied by asking me to post a picture of it on my blog, so that's what I am doing. Enjoy gazing at my dad's extra phalange:)

My dad's six-toed foot.


  1. Ahahaha!!!! I still can't believe you talked him into this. I'm going to tell him I saw his pic when I see him on Sunday :)

    1. hahahaha!! good:D he probably won't care. I think he is secretly proud of it!

  2. dude can I use this picture of your dads foot at our Youth Group. We always show unique or interesting or funny picture within our announcements.