Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's All the Fuss About Twitter?

Almost two years ago I created a Twitter account. My soul reason for doing so was just because everyone else was getting one. When I created my account, I didn't like Twitter at all. The layout was confusing, and I never knew if I was making a new tweet, posting something on someone’s twitter, or re-tweeting, what ever that meant. Also, I never knew the purpose of adding hash tags; to me they were just an annoyance at the end of a tweet. However, after discussing Twitter in my SEDU 183 class, I am now more willing to give Twitter a chance. What changed my mind was realizing the potential Twitter can do for education.

My intentions when joining the Twitter world was just to use it as any other social networking site. I just wanted to follow all my celebrity idols and friends. Then my SEDU 183 instructor informed my class about how he uses Twitter, which was quite brilliant actually. He uses Twitter to follow other educators and share ideas and tools to use in the classroom and better enhance the learning experience. I think Twitter could be a very useful to as both a teacher and a student. As a teacher I could use Twitter as a tool to remind students about homework assignments and share websites that could be helpful with their studies. As for being a student, Twitter could be very helpful. I could follow educators in my field of study, and other students in my field of study to obtain helpful resources to be the best teacher I can be in the future, and to learn about new websites that could help me in my studies.

Now that I realize Twitter can be used for more than just a website to keep in touch with friends, I am willing to use it more often and give it a second chance. I'm not sure how often I'll use it, or even if I'll continue to tweet after my class is over, but what I do know is that I am going to try my best and be open to the possibilities Twitter offers. I am excited to see how Twitter will benefit me, and hope that it is an experience I find worthwhile and will continue to practice in the future.

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